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12 Drug Test Kit

12 Drug Dip Panel Test is testing for: COC, THC, OPI, AMP, mAMP, PCP, BZO, BAR, MTD, MDMA, OXY, PPX and their metabolites.

Drug Name Abbreviation Cutoff
Amphetamine AMP 1000ng/ml
Barbiturates BAR 300ng/ml
Benzodiazepines BZO 300ng/ml
Cocaine COC 300ng/ml
Marijuana THC 50ng/ml
Methadone MTD 300ng/ml
Ecstasy MDMA 500ng/ml
Methamphetamine mAMP 1000ng/ml
Opiates OPI 2000ng/ml
Oxycodone OXY 100ng/ml
Phencyclidine PCP 25ng/ml
Propoxyphene PPX 300ng/ml

1 - 9 Tests $7.20 ea.
10 - 24 Tests $6.95 ea.
25+   Tests $6.50 ea.

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