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Rapid Urine OXYCONTIN Drug Test Cassette

Rapid Urine OXYCONTINE Drug Test Cassette is a one-step, on-site, rapid urine drug test for detection of oxycodone in human urine. This drug testing kit recommended for in vitro diagnostic. The Oxycontin Rapid Urine Drug Test Cassette show a positive result when its concentration exceeds 100 ng/ml. Oxycodone also known under brand names: Precocet, Roxicet, Tylox, Hydrodocone, Roxicodone, and OxyContin and usually used to help with moderate to over moderate pain. It also is used to relieve postpartum, postoperative, and sharp dental pain. It is a semi-syntetic drug from opioid group, but it is not always detectable with opiate urine drug test kits. Street Names: Oxy; OC; hillbilly heroin Detection in Urine: The detection time window is 1-3 days following use

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