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Employer's All-Inclusive Drug Testing Pack

Now we offer NEW DRUG TESTING PACK bundled with 1 (one) prepaid GC/MS Laboratory drug testing confirmation for non-negative results. Extra GC/MS Lab confirmations are available for purchase. Our drug test package includes everything you need to organize drug testing in your business or educational organization. List of contents:

  • 50 Integrated EZ Split Key Drug Testing Cups with adulteration tests is a 5-way drug testing kit that tests for Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates, Methamphetamine and PCP with additional specimen validity system integrated in to the cup.
  • 1 GC/MS urine drug test laboratory confirmation for preliminary positive rapid drug test results (More kits available for purchase)
  • 50 Forms of applicant notice and acknowledgement about drug testing procedure.
  • 50 pair of latex powder free examination gloves.



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