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XALEX Complete Employer's Drug Test Kit

You want to maximize your employees' productivity but you have a suspicion that some employees are doing drugs. Drug testing is vital in maintaining a drug free work place. Our employer all-inclusive drug testing pack allows you to have at your disposal all the items needed to conduct testing for a variety of illegal drugs. XALEX COMPLETE DRUG TESTING PACK INLUDED EVERYTHING FOR EMPLOYERS OR SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION NEED:

  • XALEX Multi Drug NIDA-5 Panel Test Kits (50)
  • Powder free disposable latex gloves (50pr)
  • Specimen collection cups with thermometer (50)
  • Adulteration strips to control validity of the urine specimen (50)
  • 1 Urine Laboratory Test Kit (extra kits are available for purchase)
  • Drug Testing Applicant Notice with Acknowledgement Form (50)
Why Test Employees? Drug users are more likely to:
  • steal,
  • damage property
  • cause accidents,
  • act violently.
Drug users are more prone to:
  • absenteeism,
  • low performance
  • criminal activity



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Employer's All-Inclusive Drug Testing Pack