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Drug Testing Cups

One of the easiest to use onsite testing products on the market now comes in a fully integrated drug screening cup for easy drugs testing.

Our integrated urine drug test cup delivers instant, accurate results and process convenience, including a fast and accurate screening results without touching the specimen. Our self-contained urinalysis screening cups detects the presence of drug metabolites in minutes, using SAMHSA cutoff levels.

11 Panel Drug Test Cup QTEST CLIA
14 Panel Drug Test Cup T cup
5 Panel Urine Drug Test EZ Split Cup with Adulteration Test

K Cup 7 Panel Drug Testing Cup
K Cup Drug Test Cup for 10 Drugs of Abuse
K Cup Drug Testing Cup 5 Panel

Latex Powder Free Exam Gloves 5 pairs
Multi Drug Screen Test Kit Cup
Multi Drug Testing Cup QTEST-5

QTEST 12 Panel Drug testing Cup
Specimen Collection Cup with Thermometer
Specimen Collection Cups (105ml)